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The Republic of Nigeria is basically a federal republic constituency consisting of 36 states, with Abuja as a capital. Nigeria is located in West Africa and is surrounded by countries like Republic of Guinea.

Nigeria is split roughly between half Muslim and half Christian masses, along with Hindus as well, and there is a freedom of practicing religious traditions. So you would come across different types of culture and tradition beautifully intermingled with each other.

If you are in Nigeria, Millennium Park, is a must-visit place. This park is situated in Abuja and is a living proof of the undeniable natural beauty of the Federal capital of Nigeria. It was commissioned in 2004 by The Queen Elizabeth II of England and offers a good spot for picnic or a spree and an opportunity to its visitors to savour the freedom and freshness of the nature. This place is a must-seeing because of the breath-taking sights and exciting landscapes it offers. Further the architectural master-piece which it has you would come across nowhere.

If you are truly a nature-worshiper, Awhum waterfalls is the place meant for you in Nigeria, Located in Enugu, This Waterfalls is 30 meters long and offers a long series of beauty to attract the visitors. This waterfall is famous between the masses of Nigeria as it is said to be curative or capable of dispelling evil and satanic forces wherever they exist, so this waterfalls beside being an epitome of beauty is said to possess the holy features and healing qualities as this, as well.

This waterfall came into existence as being a result of massive outcrop or granite rock with water cascading over the top forming the stream.

Further, Azumi Blue River Rose resort, situated in Abia state is indeed a pleasant able spot due to the clearness of blue water of the River. BBQ grill and other activities make this an idealistic spot for visitors.

Then, The Long Juju Shrine of Arochukwa may be an exciting tourist destination, as it is said to hold a pipe made of metal through which, it is believed by the local masses, God speaks to them. Beside being a tourist attraction, it is also a religious spot as the affairs at this shrine are mostly administered by the Chief Priest of the State. It may be quite thought-provoking and thrilling at the same time for the traditional religionist.

Yola Muncipality, Ogbunika Cave, Ibeno Beach, Cross river, National Park, Kajuru Castle are again quite interesting tourist attractions that may thrill a visitor.

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